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Monday, June 09, 2008

2nd Metro Railway in Kolkata

We are going to have a second Metro Railway in Kolkata soon. I would like to discuss the boons and the banes that would follow it: -

Boons: -

1) We can reach Howrah within 15 minutes of Metro Journey from Bowbazar.

2) We can reach Salt Lake (including Sector V) withing 20 minutes from Bowbazar.

3) More people will be moving through this lifeline or East-West Metro Corridor as a result there will be less air and noise pollution in these stretch.

Banes: -

1) At least 100 buildings in B.B. Ganguly Street will collapse like packs of cards.

2) Many insane people will protest the building of the East-West Metro Railway.

3) Construction work will go for at least next 10 years in the new Metro Railway route with severe waterlogging during monsoons.

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