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Monday, February 04, 2008

Yahoo Group Mention of My Blog

I would like to thank Madam Madhuparna Dasgupta to refer my blog's name to the Yahoo Group called "southcityresidents". The message number is 1341.

To see the page click on the link below: -

This is what her message says: -
Hi, I googled and found out this site: (Nah - Mone hoche ebar deshe giye ar firte parbo na):)


I am really grateful to Madam Madhuparna Dasgupta for her liking the pictures of South City taken by me using my girlfriend's mobile cam. I was really excited to see my message on the Yahoo Group.

I would also like to congratulate all the South City Residents to be a part of the Tallest Residential Complex in Kolkata and The Largest Shopping Mall in India.

Reference to my blog has increased my visitor number from 2040 to 2502.

Visitors till this post: 2502 visitors.

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