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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some Facts about China

China is already become a Superpower & Global power.

China is now world 3rd largest Economy after US& Japan and it will become biggest economy in the world by 2020 only.

China GDP is about three times larger than India, and its exports are eight times larger.

China $4,800bn in savings dwarfs India $215bn.

China has $1,400bn of foreign exchange reserves, India has $221bn

Also its official that by 2010 along India-China border by the time one Indian Fighter Plane would enter China / Tibet around 1000 Chinese Fighter Planes would enter India. It can be imagined what china is thinking and doing. The irony is Indian govt is not doing much for India. They will only take measure when the water would reach their nose or when some vast area of land is occupied or when some thousand soldiers or people will die.

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