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Friday, February 08, 2008

Yahan Sab Chalta Hain Boss

We are Indians and in India we have a “Sab Chalta Hain” attitude. We do not go behind any rules and regulations. People from foreign countires are more disciplined and might describe us to be indisciplined and uncivilised lot. We know we are much worse than that. But that is what we are. We get a lot of pleasure in saying “Boss, Yahan Sab Chalta Hain”. As the song “Phir Bhi Dil Hain Hindustani” goes we can do whatever we like, anywhere. That is what makes us different from the people of rest of the world.

11 things we love to do in India.

We love to: -

· Cross our streets anywhere we want without thinking of Zebra Crossings.

· Hold meetings and processions in a park filled with greenery by digging the ground and constructing stages.

· Eat a lot in our parties and celebrations as if there is not tomorrow.

· Dance in the queerest manner on streets, which no other people can imagine even in their worst dreams.

· Block our roads to celebrate our festivals without thinking what harm that might cause to commoners.

· Pee on the roadside without caring what others might think of us.

· Allow cows, goats, pigs to roam around on our streets.

· Board our trains ticketless without any fear of being caught.

· Sleep in our Government Offices throughout the day without fear of being fired.

· Run after a moving bus or train to catch it or getting down from a moving bus or train.

· Have a good fight with anyone like a child on most trivial matters.

What can we say other than "Yahan Sab Chalta Hain Boss".

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