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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Most of China is actually a Part of India

From times immemorial the States of Northeast and regions beyond the northeastern region including but not limited to the provinces of Bayi Zhen, Nyinghi, Nedona and Lhasa have belonged to BarathVarsh (India).

Not long ago, Arjun during his banishment by Duryodhan during 3000 BC went to the north eastern states and married Chitrangada and had a son named Babruvahan to whom princess Uloopi taught the art of warfare.Princess Uloopi had herself a son from Arjun named Iravat.

During the Mahabaratha War of 3139 BC, Babruvahan and his army from the northeasten states that includes the Arunachals, Nagas from Nagaland,the armies of Mizoram , Tripura, Meghalaya and tribes from provinces of Bayi Zehn, Nyinghi, Nedona and territories deep inside China have said to have fought for the Pandavas to given them the throne of Hastinapur.

With so much of antiqueness and historicity interwoven between Arunachal and other northeastern states with BarathVarsh including provinces of China is what gives the communist the nerve to say Arunachal is disputed, let alone say it belongs to them.

In fact its the other way round, the territories of Bayi Zhen, Nyingchi,Nedona, Lhasa are all disputed and rightfully to be owned by the kingdom of Hastinapur currently named New Delhi.

What India can do to guard the Chinese threat: -

1. We have to build road infrastructure along the Arunachal Pradesh's border with china at a fast pace.We have just 5 months go do this work. China is hosting Olympics in August 2008. Therefore it would not undertake any precipitous action on the border since it would like to avoid being involved in border clashes while preparing for olympics.

2. This is the best time for us to strengthen our border road infrastructure as well as strengthen our armed forces in terms of necessary equipment for conducting the war on chinese border.

3. We should also tie up with allies like Russia and US and Japan if possible so that we can bring diplomatic pressure on China in case it undertakes military action on us.

4. And most important of all, we must keep our powder dry, so that if Chinese give us a bloody nose, they too suffer one in return.

5. We should repeal the " No first use policy" in respect of Nuclear arms at the right time so as to send the correct message to China that as a last resort, we will not hesistate using nuclear weapons, if matters come to such a bad situation.

6. Surely China is a country we have to get even with. It is not at all nice to be displaying a timorous kind of relationship with China.

7. We should hold a Massive International Conference on Budhism, annually at Tawang Monsatry and invite People from all over the world including China.

8. In general we should open up the North East to the rest of India. Promote Tourism and genuine cross cultural exchanges, not Tokenism.

9. We should promote study of Chinese languages and their culture in order to better understand their political nuances.

10. Basically we should call a spade a spade, and a competitive, potentially hostile neighbor a potentially hostile neighbor and when we shake hands with them, it should be firm with a genuine feel of a withheld CRUNCH.

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