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Sunday, November 08, 2009

New JNNURM Volvo Buses - Kolkata

After coming back to my town Kolkata from Bangalore on the month of June, 2009, I had written about the Red Coloured Vajra Buses that ply on Bangalore streets from Bangalore International Airport to different parts of the city. At last the West Bengal Government has been instrumental in launching similar buses in Kolkata under the funds from JNNURM ( Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission) Trust. (see the picture below)


New JNNURM Volvo Buses (more pictures to arrive soon)

New JNNURM Volvo Buses that have been launched at Kolkata (on 19th September 2009) are Volvo buses but they charge the same Rs 4, Rs 6, Rs 7 and Rs 8 from travellers. They are a signature of comfortable travelling at the least cost in the World. Such Volvo buses are the answers to the Minibuses and the White Coloured Mini buses that ply on Kolkata which are very uncomfortable. They had only one door and 15-16 passengers were enough to make the buses jampacked. These buses were dark, dirty and very uncomfortable. The blue public buses and the government buses though dirty were much better when it comes to spacious interiors.

While in comparison these Volvo buses are more neat and tidy, spacious, airy, with first-aid boxes, comfortable sitting arrangement. I just loved the progressive way West Bengal Government has launched them with progressive mindset and my salute to Mr. Ranjit Kundu the Honourable Transport Minister of West Bengal to have given the green signal for plying such comfortable buses at the same rate which is quite cheap compared to the same buses in other cities of India. I have heard form sources that more 1000 such buses are going to be launched in the streets of Kolkata in the coming months. Love Live Mr. Ranjit Kundu Sir and West Bengal Government. We are always with you.

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