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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why is the winter chill setting in early this year in Kolkata?

Why is the winter chill setting in early this year in Kolkata?

This is simply because there is low levels of pollution in the sky of Kolkata this year. The Government of West Bengal had been quite instrumental in pulling off old buses and old auto rickshaws (more than 15 years old) from the roads of Kolkata which used to run in kaata-tel (burnt oil) and thus increase the levels of pollution vastly. They have also been successful in converting the oil run auto rickshaws to green auto (Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) run autos). They have also increased new volvo buses that cause less pollution and are fuel efficient.

Thus due to the constant efforts of our West Bengal Government and other authorities the levels of pollution could be reduced to a large extent. So this made pollution levels come down. So the suspended particles (that used to trap the heat every year inside the city sky) was not present this year. Special thanks to Mr. Subhas Dutta for creating awareness among the people of Kolkata about the rising levels of pollution. Thus the heat escaped this year and as a result the winter chill set in early this year in Kolkata.

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