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Friday, June 12, 2009


Vajra Volvo Bus (air conditioned)

Last month I visited Bengaluru and I had the good opportunity to travel by AC Vajra Volvo Buses that Bengaluru Transport Department has launched in the city for safe and hassle free transportation of commuters from one part of the city to another. The above is the photo of the air conditioned red colour Vajra Buses that ply across the city from Bengaluru Inernational Airport (BIA) to different parts of the city.

Such buses are a real need in our city Kolkata too. Our transport department should look forward to launch such buses in Kolkata so that people can have easy transportation in AC Volvo buses across the city. These buses are not only big and spacious but they take sharp turns even through the narrowest of lanes and they are so fast that they travel from one place to another in half the time that other buses do.

Bengaluru has launched around 500 such buses and so I request Kolkata to launch at least 100 such buses. This would definitely change the transportation scenario of Kolkata. People would reach their destination early and the journey would be hassle free. Though the fare is a bit expensive in Bengaluru, in Kolkata we could devise pass systems or bring down the fares for making more common people especially regular commuters travel through such buses.

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