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Monday, April 27, 2009

Rise Bengal Rise - Jaago Bangla Jaago

Rise Bengal Rise. Rise from the deep sleep, that you are sleeping for so many years now. Enough is enough. Its high time that you understand. You were once ahead of others in almost everything. Now you are only better than the poorest of the poor. You need development, an all around development, not only in agriculture, but also in industry. Your children are escaping away your political unrest to distant lands in search of money and peace. You do not have enough money to feed your children. Today you are like a poor mother who has a lot of dreams and aspirations but due to shortage of funds cannot sent her children for good education, cannot provide them a favourable place to work and lead their lives. 

You had trememdous potential, but it was misused all these years. That is why your state has been like this for so many years now. Now you are speechless, perplexed not knowing what to do. External powers are trying to pull you apart into many pieces. You sons are fighting against each other, not knowing your greatness, heritage and unity in diversity. They are busy renaming your divided pieces. Red tapism had eaten you for all these years, now it seems red tapism has again been back in disguise of green tapism, whose curse has made you feel like there is no other alternate way out to get out of this cursed cycle of life. USA's economy had started booming after their automobile sector boom, but your economy is 30 years behind which no automobile industry could revive because of sheer green tapism.

It is my utmost prayer to you Our Mother Bengal, to rise again, rise from the ashes and again make Bengal God's chosen land where her sons could earn their living and stay without even thinking of migrating to other places in search of living. Rise Bengal Rise - Jaago Bangla Jaago.

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