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Saturday, April 25, 2009

7 things to Beat the Severe Heat this Summer

1. Plant more trees 

- on your backyard, roof, terrace
- on the roadside, footpath, 

2. Stop shouting political slogans

- Spend all the money being used in political slogans, plackards to plant more trees, 

3. Build more power generating stations 

- to reduce shortfall of megawatts of power
- to make the supply more than demand

4. Drink more water, juices, fruits containing more water 

- to keep your body cool.
- get rid of dehydration

5. Eat less spicy food 

- for better digestion

6. Stop shouting at others or exhanging angry words and stop violence / adopt means of non violence

- to relieve stress
- go to swim

7. Pray to God for rain every night

- as that is the ultimate thing one could do

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