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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Plant More Trees & Stop Global Warming

Plant More, More and More in your locality. If you are in Kolkata now, you must have experienced the hot days, humid days, everyday without any sign of rain. Have you ever thought why this is happening nowadays? These types of extreme conditions were not a part of our lives even 2-3 years back and our childhood days were much cooler.

Every day now the temperature keeps 3 to 4 degrees above normal and it is unbearable to stay outdoors from 8am in the morning till 6pm in the evening. If anyone does so he is bound to sweat profusely and wet his shirt, trousers and bear the unbearable hot and humidity.

In spite of such pains no one has ever thought of why such things are happening and waiting for the rain to come and make things better but the rain is absent even during the beginning of monsoon season. No one has even thought a solution to curb this problem in our city.

I have thought of a solution and according to that we desperately need to plant trees in our localities after every 10 metres. Such trees should be planted which will grow faster and will give shade to people from the scorching heat of the sun. As trees will transpire water the water cycle will be completed which is not affected but to incessant cutting down of trees and breaking down of trees by storm Aila, so more trees should be planted in our localities so that we can have a cool road to walk even during the hottest days of summer months.

Thus I think global warming can be hindered from entering our social lives and destroying it. Recently I had visited Bangalore and had seen so many trees in every locality of the city no matter whether it is old or new, rich or poor, inside the city or outside. What matters are planning of more trees in Bangalore has made the city go green and by planting more trees has brought a climatic change in the city. The city is pleasant and cool throughout the day and very cool during nights. It is my plan to change Kolkata in to a tree based city with trees every 10 meters, where there should no hot and humid climate and it should be a pleasant place to live.


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