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Friday, March 28, 2008


Utsa - Bengal Ambuja

Utsa, Bengal Ambuja, New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata

I had been thinking of creating a photo blog for quite sometime now and at last it has been possible. I had seen many photo blogs of many people and was really interested in the concept of photo blogging.

So is my new photo blog which will have pictures of wide varieties. It will have pictures ranging from a little pebble to the largest of planets of the universe but one thing is for sure. All the pictures will be mine i.e. I will be the photographer for all these photos. Yes, photography is one of my passion other than singing, reading, and so on.

So my dear readers of my blog / domain, you can view my picture blog on this site and it will be updated more frequently than I update this blog of mine. Yes it is true.

My picture blog:

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wardrobe Malfunction in my own way

Wardrobe Malfunction is so very common with personalities like, Debbie / Debby, Carol Gracias, Gauhar Khan, Lindsay Lohan, Janet Jackson (thanks a lot TOI for providing a person like me who suffers from deficiency in General Knowledge, with so many names).

I am too keeping ahead with the times nowadays and have started creating waves at my home for going at par with people who are known by all. (like Carol Gracias) I say so because I too did suffer a big wardrobe malfunction. (look, look how I am keeping ahead with the times) My wardrobe is filled with all the old clothes (I used to wear them as a teenager when I was about 15 or 16 years old) as well as new clothes. (the ones which I received from my uncle Bunu-mama during Durga Puja 2007 and the ones the I bought during the Pujas) So there is a massive shortage of space in my wardrobe and it is malfunction-ing at present. The doors of my wardrobe are not in a state of being fully closed (malfunctioning) , in the manner they should close when the wardrobe is empty. So personally I feel that I am sufferering from an acute wardrobe malfunction that cannot be cured (no not like the models who solve it by wearing nipple tapes or by cutting the lights) unless I get my old clothes removed from the wardrobe.

So what do you say about my customization of the 2 famous words called Wardrobe Malfunction? (I know many people who will arrive at my blog throught google search, will curse me for not posting pictures of the actual wardrobe malfunction and distorting the concept) Any comments? He! He! (aur picture dhoondo, dude, lagta hain, tum dhoondte reh jaoge !!!)

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Air Hostess Training Centres at Kolkata

This is an initiative on my part to make my friends who want to make a career in the Aviation Sector as Flight Attendant / Air Hostess / Steward from Kolkata Sector.
I am listing some of the very famous Air Hostess Training Centres at Kolkata with their Addresses and Websites. They are: -

1) Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training (FIAT)
Website: -

Address 1: -
Binoy Bhavan,
2nd Floor, 27 B, Camac Street,
Kolkata – 700016.
Ph: 033-22892490 / 91 / 92 / 93

Address 2: -
Unit No. 101 & 102, No. 10,
Hindustan Road, Gariahat,
Kolkata - 700029.
Ph: 033-24669232 / 33 / 34

Address 3: -
DB-44, Ground Floor, Sector-1,
Near CA Island, Salt Lake City,
Ph: 033-2334 4470/ 71 / 72

2) Air Hostess Academy (AHA)
Website: -

Address: -
201, 2nd Floor, Anandlok Building,
227, AJC Bose, Kolkata-700020, West Bengal.
Tel : 033-22894050-52

3) Flying Cats (FC)
Website: -

Address 1: -
230/B, 3rd Floor,
Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Road, Kolkata- 700020
Phone: 033- 22905454 - 57 , Fax - 22905458
E-mail: -

Address 2: -
Kolkata (Salt Lake City)
EC-18, Salt Lake City, Sector : 1,
Kolkata, (Opposite City Centre Main Entrance)
Ph: 09831321614

Address 3: -
Aryabatta Institute of Engineering & Management,
Panagarh, Durgapur, P.O. Panagarh Bazar,
District - Burdwan, Pin 713148
Ph: 0343 - 2526415 / 416 / 417
E-mail: -

4) Kingfisher Training Academy (KTA)
Website: -

Address: -
First floor, 8, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Opposite American Consulate,
Kolkata 700 071
Tel : 6459 3800, 6459 3801
E-mail: -

5) Pailan Aviation Institute (PAI)
Website: -
Address: -
Express Tower, 4th floor,
42A Shakespeare Sarani,
Kolkata - 700 017
Tel: 033-2283 6918/19/20

6) Avalon Academy Aviation (AAA)
Website: -

Address 1: -
AA-50 Salt Lake Sector - 1
Kolkata - 700 064
West Bengal
Ph: 033 4010 4444

Address 2: -
220, 2nd Floor
AJC Bose Rd Kolkata – 700 017
Ph: 033 6452 7074

There is also an unofficial Yahoo Group / Forum for all the current / previous and wannabe Air Hostess & Stewards. Anyone interested can join this community (free of cost as it is powered by Yahoo) at this website: -

If anyone wants to know any further information about Air Hostess Training Institutes, they might contact me at this mail id: - . I shall be glad to answer all your queries. I shall try to help you in whatever way I can that you expect from me.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Korbo, Lorbo, Jitbo Re - Kolkata Knight Riders

All credits for Kolkata Knight Riders goes to SRK, the King Khan (he is at the first position as he should get the credit for all the initiatives and hardwork), Jai Mehta, Juhi Mehta (previously Chawla), John Buchanan and Sourav Ganguly (he is at the last as he is from our home ground and he is our DADA). SRK said that he will be called Khan Dada in Kolkata Knight Riders.

“We are here to conquer! “ – The Knight Riders!

Team: Kolkata Knight Riders
Mission: Unleash our power and tear down rivals.
Vision: To win every war in the battlefield, because loosing is not an option.
Motto: To fight with passion, to fight with glory.
Belief: “We are the King’s Men! We rule!” (King is the nickname of SRK)

Mascot: Hoog Lee (a lazy Royal Bengal Tiger, who loves to eat burger)
Tag Line: “All the King’s Men”.
Song: “Korbo, Lorbo, Jitbo Re”. (We will do it, Fight for it, Win it) (music by Vishal Sekhar, sung by Vishal Dadlani)
Merchandise: Party T-Shirts, music albums, books

Logo: Blazing Viking Helmet in Black and Gold (Black stands for the courage of Maa Kali and Golden stands for the Spirit of Winning) (Jersey designed by Manish Malhotra)
Home Ground: Eden Gardens, Kolkata

Front Office: -

Owners - Shahrukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, & Jai Mehta
President - TBA

Coaches: -

Head Coach - John Buchanan
Assistant Head Coach -
Physiotherapist - Andrew Leipus[5] Physical Trainer - Adrian Le Roux[6]

Sources: -

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Caterpillar - World's Largest Truck

Caterpillar - World's Largest Truck from USA.
It can handle 300 tons of load at one go. It is generally used for mining.

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Arunachal Pradesh - A Kashmir in Making

Dear Friends,

Read this article on and think what India is doing to retain Arunachal Pradesh under her control and put pressure on the Chinese to make this portion of our country stay within our country.


Till date we can see that Indian soil that had been occupied by the neighbours have been named by India as: -
1) Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) about 40% of J & K.
2) China occupied Kashmir (CoK or Akshai-Chin) about 30% of J & K.
3) China occupied Arunachal Pradesh (CoAP) about 70 % od Arunachal Pradesh.

If we do not spell out our clear cut definition and policy, we will continue to have the following by 2050: -
1) Bangladesh occupied Bengal & Orissa (BoBO)
2) Sri Lanka occupied Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh (SoTKKA)
3) Nepal occupied Bihar, Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh (NoBUPMP)
4) Myanmar occupied Tripura, Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya (all the North East States) (MoNES)
5) Malaysia occupied Andaman and Nicobar Islands (MoANI)
6) Maldives occupied Lakshwadeep Islands (MoLA)
7) Pakistan occupied Maharashtra, Rajasthan. Punjab, Haryana (PoMRPH)

What next???? All have gone to our neighbours. Only Delhi remains. Delhi becomes an independent country and is renamed as India. (Little India (LI) or Delhi leftover in India (DLI))

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Kalidasa - A True Story


"raamaabhishheke jalamaaharantyaa

Hhastaachchyuto hemaghaTo yuvatyaaH

sopaana maargeNa karoti shabdaM

ThaaThaM ThaThaM ThaM ThaThaThaM Tha ThaM ThaaH ..."

Once King Bhoj lying on his bed saw a young beautiful girl on her way to fetch water. But as she reached the stairway she stumbled and dropped the vessel. The King listened to the noise made by the vessel and it gave him an idea. The next day he called his courtiers and gave the puzzle to solve ``ThaaThaM ThaThaM ThaM ThaThaThaM Tha ThaM Thaa.h'' .

None was able to solve it. Kalidas, when asked, demanded two days of time or the solution. He observed Bhoj's daily schedule minutely for those two days. The observation provided him the insight into the solution and he gave the above mentioned answer. The meaning is quite straightforward.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Vaijayanta-Pedia Part 1

King Vikramaditya

1) Jawaharlal Nehru’s father was Moti Lal Nehru and his father was Ganga Dhar Nehru. (source:

2) The Kali Yug started right from the moment Duryadhana fell on to the ground in the Great Battle of Kurukshetra in The Great Epic called Mahabharata.

3) Nine Gems (Navaratnas) in the court of King Vikramaditya (Chandragupta II Vikramaditya of 4th Century AD) are: -

  • Dhanvantari – First Medical Practitioner of India and the world’s first Surgeons.

  • Kshapanaka – The name Kshapanaka implies a Jain Monk. His actual name was Manatunga.

  • Amarsimha – wrote the Thesaurus of Sanskrit.

  • Sankhabhata – (info not avallable)

  • Vetalabhatta – was a Maga Brahmin who wrote the sixteen stanza “Niti-pradeepa” which means “Lamp of Conduct”.

  • Ghatakharpara – (info not avallable)

  • VarahamihiraDaivajna Varahamihira was an Indian Astronomer, Astrologer and Mathematician. His guru was Aryabhatta. Both of their pictures could be found alongside in Indian Parliament.

  • Vararuchi – was an Astrologer and Grammarian of Kerala.

  • Kalidasa – He was a Sanskrit Poet and dramatist and author of Meghaduta, Shakuntala and Kumarasambhava. He is the Shakespeare of Sanskrit Literature. He translated Ramayana from Sanskrit to Bengali. He was a Bengali by birth.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Picture of South City Towers, Kolkata

Picture of South City Towers, Kolkata

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