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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Kalidasa - A True Story


"raamaabhishheke jalamaaharantyaa

Hhastaachchyuto hemaghaTo yuvatyaaH

sopaana maargeNa karoti shabdaM

ThaaThaM ThaThaM ThaM ThaThaThaM Tha ThaM ThaaH ..."

Once King Bhoj lying on his bed saw a young beautiful girl on her way to fetch water. But as she reached the stairway she stumbled and dropped the vessel. The King listened to the noise made by the vessel and it gave him an idea. The next day he called his courtiers and gave the puzzle to solve ``ThaaThaM ThaThaM ThaM ThaThaThaM Tha ThaM Thaa.h'' .

None was able to solve it. Kalidas, when asked, demanded two days of time or the solution. He observed Bhoj's daily schedule minutely for those two days. The observation provided him the insight into the solution and he gave the above mentioned answer. The meaning is quite straightforward.

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