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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wardrobe Malfunction in my own way

Wardrobe Malfunction is so very common with personalities like, Debbie / Debby, Carol Gracias, Gauhar Khan, Lindsay Lohan, Janet Jackson (thanks a lot TOI for providing a person like me who suffers from deficiency in General Knowledge, with so many names).

I am too keeping ahead with the times nowadays and have started creating waves at my home for going at par with people who are known by all. (like Carol Gracias) I say so because I too did suffer a big wardrobe malfunction. (look, look how I am keeping ahead with the times) My wardrobe is filled with all the old clothes (I used to wear them as a teenager when I was about 15 or 16 years old) as well as new clothes. (the ones which I received from my uncle Bunu-mama during Durga Puja 2007 and the ones the I bought during the Pujas) So there is a massive shortage of space in my wardrobe and it is malfunction-ing at present. The doors of my wardrobe are not in a state of being fully closed (malfunctioning) , in the manner they should close when the wardrobe is empty. So personally I feel that I am sufferering from an acute wardrobe malfunction that cannot be cured (no not like the models who solve it by wearing nipple tapes or by cutting the lights) unless I get my old clothes removed from the wardrobe.

So what do you say about my customization of the 2 famous words called Wardrobe Malfunction? (I know many people who will arrive at my blog throught google search, will curse me for not posting pictures of the actual wardrobe malfunction and distorting the concept) Any comments? He! He! (aur picture dhoondo, dude, lagta hain, tum dhoondte reh jaoge !!!)

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