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Monday, November 27, 2006


CETIJAEN is a famous word among the people plying through Kolkata on the public bus number 71. If you could not understand what I meant to say, let me explain it to you in details.
If you are a regular passenger in 71, you might know it.

On 26-11-2006, Sunday at 9.30 pm I was returning from City Centre with my friend Gaurav in the bus number 71. As we were travelling by the bus, I saw that above the seats for the Senior Citizens in the bus, it was written in big block letters CETIJAEN. I showed it to Gaurav and as we both were smiling at such an innovative way in which the word CITIZEN was written.

To add the humour, I told that it looked as if the man who wrote it might be well conversed in some European language. The man next to me added that "As the bus plys near city centre, hence to add its effect, the name has been deliberately transformed to CETIJAEN."

God knows what, but we all agreed that what an innovative way of writing English it was. Ha Ha.

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