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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Future India - Connecting Indian Metropolitan Cities

Indian Metropolitan Cities should be connected by rail and road in such a way so that people can travel between even the farthest of cities within 6 hours. Delhi and Chennai / Bangalore should be covered in 6 hours. Kolkata and Mumbai / Pune should be connected in 4 hours. (say if distance is 2000 kms and it has to be covered in 4 hours. So the speed should be 2000/4 = 500kms/hr) It is achievable. Trains in Japan and China can travel as fast as 800kms/hr. So why should we not have trains in India that can travel in 500kms/hr. Currently an aeroplane covers Pune / Mumbai to Kolkata directly within 1 and a half hour.

Similarly Delhi to Mumbai should not take more than 3 hours. Mumbai to Bangalore / Chennai in another 3 hours. Chennai to Kolkata in another 4 hours. Kolkata to Delhi in another 3 hours. It is achievable. I have dreamt of this possibility and it is now up to the infrastructure planners and engineers to make this dream get converted into reality.

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