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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Future India - Clean India

We often find it very difficult to walk through the streets of India because of the filth and smell that emanates from the different lanes and by-lanes, road sides and other public places be it railway stations or bus terminus. The main reason for the filth and smell is improper dumping of waste materials and human excreta or human urination on roadsides.

If we follow certain basic steps, India would be a much better place to live in.

1) Free public government aided toilets (including urinals) every after half a kilometer in all major cities should be constructed.
2) Proper dumping of household / office / factory waste materials and proper recycling of the waste by the government / municipalities.
3) Concrete roads with no potholes.
4) Footpath at every road / lanes / by-lanes / small roads so that they do not entertain unnecessary accumulation of dust on roadsides.
5) Roads should meet footpaths through proper interfaces just like the British styled roads of Kolkata.
6) Proper drainage systems and no open drains.
7) Awareness among citizens to follow the above steps strictly.

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