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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bryam Adams at Pune near Magarpatta City

Last evening as I was returning from office I saw the newly constructed Amanora Shopping Mall (which is just opposite the under construction Magarpatta Shopping Mall) very well lit with big sedans and SUVs entering the complex with eager eyes inside the cars waiting to have a glimpse of Bryan Adams inside the Shopping Mall. Young guys and girls and even middle aged people dressed in their best attires were flocking inside the mall to see him.

Yes, Bryam Adams was in Pune last evening at Amanora Shopping Mall opposite Magarpatta City Mall, just a stones throw away from the
Kodre's place at Kirtane Baug in Mundhawa Village where I stay. Tickets were sold at 2K, 5K and 10K prices starting from one month before the event and people did not hesitate to buy tickets at such exorbitant prices to see their singing sensation of whom they have only read in newspapers and watched on television. I had heard about his arrival a month ago from Manish Chandra Malhotra a friend of mine who also stayed on the room beside my room at Mukta Chandra Hostel at Bhujbal Wasti near Hinjewadi-Wakad Bridge.

I waited outside the gates of the Shopping Mall for about 30 minutes to 1 hour to check out whether I can see the famous personality entering the complex but that did not happen instead I saw rich and filthy rich well dressed people arriving at their best cars with their families, friends and dates.

No doubt it was a great experience to see volunteers (young and old) and
Maharashtra policemen working hard to keep the narrow stretch of the road traffic-jam free. In the process the police with their long sticks hit poor local people who flouted the traffic rules and were going through the wrong side of the road. That was correct but a bit cunning.

As I entered my room which is about half a kilometer away from the happening place, I heard loud cheering of people, music and voice of the legendary singing sensation's voice hitting my eardrum as it came faintly from far and there was a big halo effect on the sky over the place where the festival was taking place.

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