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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Current Profile at Orkut - as on Jan 2009 - Dec 2009

I am the coolest dude u've ever come across. I am a very simple person and simplicity is my identity. I am a fun loving guy. I am very open minded. I am always happy and ready to have fun with anybody. I can smile the whole day, if you want me to be. I am a blogger and a photographer by passion. I love making new friends and old friends are my asset. I love my family. I respect women and admire their beauty. I set targets and try to achieve them as fast as possible. I am a trend setter. I create fashion and others follow them. I am a dependable guy. You can even share your secrets with me. I am good at listening to your problems. I might even solve them through my short experience. Waiting for your friendship...

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My Idea Of Perfect Happiness: -

1) Deshi Lal Shada Bhath, Mushurir Daal, Aloo Poshto, Peyaj Poshto & Tomato Makha.
2) Sanu-Da R Gaan Shona And Gaoa.
3) Sleep For Long Hours.
4) Old Melodious Music And Mannerisms Of Old Actors.
5) Chatting With Someone Special.
6) Obeying My Parents.
7) Respecting Elders And Everyone*. (*Conditions Apply)
8) Day Dreaming About The Kolkata Of 1910s - 70s And Sometimes The Historic Ages Like Times Of Asoka, Time Of Independence, British Raj.
9) Surfing The Internet.
10) Physical Fitness.
11) Srk And Only Srk And His Mannerisms, Life And World.

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