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Friday, November 07, 2008

Love Dolls - Happy Dolls - Made in Japan

WARNING: - This article on Love Dolls, the Love Dolls themselves and the sites on love dolls are for adults and not for guys under 18. So beware.

"Ley gayi dil guriya Japan ki, ley gayi dil guriya Japan ki, paagal mujhe kar diya, Japaaaaaaaan, Love in Tokyo".

Hope you all remember this song by Mohammad Rafi (Rafi-Saab). Yes I am writing about Love Dolls. In my adolescent days in frustration I sometimes thought of creating such love dolls, but the idea clicked and died down in my adolescent mind as I did not know the technology and did not have those equipments to make them. I sometimes thought how nice it would be if love dolls really existed. 

This evening as I was watching Sahara Samay, I saw the new concept of Love Dolls. They are a unique concept. Still not clear whose concept it is. But I am 100% sure that it is not mine. The story in Sahara Samay says that they are now being made with perfection at Japan. Even China is making it and they are being exported to America and Europe.

They are being made of Silicon to give a feeling of real human skin, flesh and muscle. I am really excited about love dolls and would really like to experience love dolls in future. Lets see what happens.

Some sites on Love Dolls: -

NOTE: - These sites are for adults and not for guys under 18. So beware.

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