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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack Obama - President of United States of America (USA)

Barack Hussein Obama is the new president of United States of America (USA) was born in 4th August, 1961. He is from the Democratic Party. He was the US Senator for Illinois. His dad is from Kenya in Africa.

Initially when I heard his middle name as Hussein, I thought he was a Muslim, but he is a Christian. He is an African-American and the first person to be an African-American President of USA. This makes all the Indians living in USA and who have USA citizenship believe that one day they might also have such a noble chance to serve the United States. Thus the people of USA were so much bored with Ex-President George Bush that they have voted some one (read as Obama) who has his name sounding / rhyming with Osama the no one enemy of George Bush. Congrats to Obama the new President.

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