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Sunday, January 20, 2008

South City Mall, Kolkata

Last Saturday, that is on 19th January, Gaurav, My Shonata and I went to the South City Mall. (click here to see the location of South City Mall through It was an amazing experience to visit the largest mall in East India.

I have never seen a bigger mall here in Kolkata. It is about 3 times bigger than the City Centre of Salt Lake. The mall opened only 2 days back and there was a huge rush on the 3rd day.

I have taken many pictures of the mall and I am going to upload them here in my future posts. This mall is going to be a landmark of Kolkata just like City Centre and Forum. I am going to visit this mall quite often from now on as it has captured by heart.

Some information about the mall: -

The largest shopping mall in India. At arm's length.

Imagine a mall that is spread across 6,00,000 sq. ft. With exclusive zones for shopping, entertainment and food. Boasting of the finest international features. And designed to take one’s breath away.

The mall has been designed after an exhaustive research of the best shopping malls around the world to create one that has it all. Situated on Prince Anwar Shah Road, just opposite Jodhpur Park, it will be a magnate, drawing everyone just by its sheer presence.

No wonder then, that South City Mall is something Kolkata is waiting for with bated breath. The mall is an international experience, which promises to change the way people perceive shopping and entertainment in Kolkata! After the exterior, it’s the interior design that impresses. A luxuriant atrium with a beautiful skylight, mirror-polished floor, plants, fountains and all of 14,000 sq ft! With 1,50,000 sq.ft. on each floor, it will have more space than any other mall in Kolkata.

The mall’s spread will help shoppers shop on one floor longer, rather than shifting up and down. Continuous corridors, free of dead-ends, make sure there are no sudden halts for shoppers. Stores laid out to make browsing easier. So things like clothes, shoes and accessories will be available in one area. There is also a 4 storied parking space for cars which is situated just behind the mall. You can park you car on 4th floor and get inside the mall from the 4th floor itself.

It brings together the biggest brands under one roof. - Shoppers’ Stop, already a favourite in the city. - Giant, one of the biggest hypermarket chains in India. - A mega 6-screen multiplex, by Shringar Films, known for Fame Adlabs in Mumbai. - Options for a great meal, with high-quality restaurants and even a fast-food court!

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