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Friday, April 01, 2011

Inhuman Working Hours

After working for 2 telecom companies in last 2 years, what I have come to understand is that inhuman working hours are on a rise among the present employees. It is not only restricted to telecom companies. Modern day employees are robbed off from their rest, social duties by promises of extra salaries and perks. Modern day employees are ready to be fooled by such companies only to get some extra money. They work from 9:00am in the morning to 12:00midnight at a stretch even if they are reluctant to do so. It is like robbing them of their basic fundamental rights of getting peace and mental rest. They are also made to work 6 days a week and in most cases they are not paid much for an extra day work. Even they are called on Sundays to work thus making them a mere doll in the hands of employees.

To stop such inhuman activites by the employers the employees should appeal in the court of law or in parliament and pass a bill to reduce working hours to a fixed of 8 hours and 5 days a week. Only them present day generation will get time to mingle with the society and have mental peace and rest which they lack leading to all sorts of mental disorders and health deterioration. These are also leading to unhappy relations with spouses, divorce cases and even suicide and murders.

Employees cannot have proper relationships with their spouses and thus they tend to start extra marital affairs with their colleagues and even same-gender relationships with their colleagues from their offices. Thus it is high time that our government should think something about the working hours, time limits of the young generation so that our generation can also get at least peace of mind and social lives like their fathers and grandfathers once used to have.
NOTE: People interested in this movement can e-mail me so that we can start a mass movement.

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