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Tuesday, January 11, 2011



Amake amar moto thakte dao,
ami nijeke nijer moto guchiye niyechi,
jeta chilona chilona,
seta na paoai thaak,
shob pele noshto jibon...

Tomar ei duniyar jhapsa alo,
kichu sondher buro howa kaancher moto,
jodi ure jete chao,
tobe gaa bhashiye dao,
doorbin-e chokh rakhbo
naa naa naa naa....

Ei, jahaj mashtul chharkhar,
tobu golpo likhchi baachbaar,
ami rakhte chaina aar taar,
kono raat dupurer apdaar,
tai chesta korchi baar baar,
saatre paar khojaaaaaaar...

---a song by Anupam Roy

I had heard about the success of this song in Kolkata from movie Autograph during the last months of 2010, but never thought that this song would be so famous among the non-Bengalis too. I downloaded the song on 8th of Jan, 2011 at my office workstation for some entertainment during the boring hours at office. Moreover I downloaded this song on the request of one Marathi guy called Suresh Gaikwad at my office. He heard this song from the caller tune of a guy from Kolkata Idea office. Suresh liked the song so much that he immediately asked me the meaning of the song and asked me to download the song “Amake amar moto thakte dao…” for him. I did so and copied the song from my workstation to his and he immediately made the song his ring tone and started hearing the song again and again.

When I reached office next day early in the morning around 7am and to bear the boring hours I played the song in my workstation with a low volume so that people who are sitting next to me from my team can hear the song as well. Two Marathi friends Suhas Pharande and Swapnil Band were sitting next to me and they even liked the song so much that they agreed that the composition of the song, the music and the singer Anupam Roy did a great job in making the song. In the meantime when I went to the washroom the song was over and when I came back I saw the Marathi guys play the Bengali song and enjoying every part of it. Suhas was even trying to sing the song. That time I felt that for liking good music one does not need to learn the language and good music is above any language barrier. Good music has no boundaries or limitations. It can attract anyone anytime.

Later another friend, Mudit Shukla from Chattisgarh also appreciated the beauty of the music from the song “Amake amar moto thakte dao…”. This shows that the song is famous not only in Kolkata among the Bengalis but also among non-Bengalis from all over India and the world. This song has so much potential and it shows the success of singer, composer and lyricist Anupam Roy (Anupam-da). Thanks a lot Anupam-da for creating such good music.

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Alok Maurya said...

I heard it for the first time in Tripura. I'm still amazed by the meaning it carries. Though I've heard some Bengali songs are even more subtle. ( my friend had told me about a song in which singer referred himself as the room beneath the stairs which is of no use... do you know the song?)

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