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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh! What a bandh it is! Oh what a bandh!

The 3 top leaders of 3 top parties of West Bengal meet secretly on Sunday the 12th July, 2009. They take some decision unanimously.

Mamata-di (angrily): What is this going on Pranab-da and Buddha-babu? There are no holidays this July? Children are so much eager to enjoy a holiday. So are the elders. They are complaining me to take an action for a holiday. How long will it go on like this?

Pranab-da (in excitement): True, very true. No holidays this July. No holidays before 15th August. That means we will have to work hard like this for the next one month. We have already been working since 1st May, 2009 like this continuously for the last two months. It is high time we should get a holiday.

Buddha-babu (confused): But we cannot declare a holiday just like this. There should be some reason for a holiday.

Mamata-di (in excitement): Why don’t you declare a bandh? A bandh needs no reason. We can call bandh just like that.

Buddha-babu: Look Mamata, nowadays even for a bandh we need a reason. People are not fool anymore. Look how they are going against CPM in all the polls.

Mamata-di (to Pranab-da): Buddha-babu and I had called many bandhs in the last 5 years. Now it is you who will have to call for a bandh Pranab-da.

Pranab-da (in fear): Okay okay Mamata and Buddha, I have got an idea.

Mamata-di and Buddha-babu(in anticipation): What idea? What idea?

Pranab-da: Buddha, you will have to help me in this. You shall command your party men to chase away 9 of our MLAs in the village called Mangalcoat when they will go for helping the poor with aid. In protest, I will call for a bandh this week.

Mamata-di: A bandh should be called on a Friday or Monday so that most of us can have 3 days holidays at a stretch. In these three days people can pack off their bags and run to places like Digha, Puri, Darjeeling, Santiniketan and spend 3 idle days in peace. Others might spend a lazy day watching Ray-babu’s films on their DVD players.

Buddha-babu: Okay then, you can call the bandh on Friday the 17th of July, 2009. I will also ask our transport minister Subhash not to allow government buses to ply on the roads to make the bandh a successful one.

Mamta-di: Pranab-da, please tell you party men to burn down at least 9 to 10 government buses on the streets of Kolkata and Howrah to grant Subhash-da some reason to not allow government buses to ply on the roads. I shall also condemn the burning of buses to create a falsely good impression on people. (in pride) After all I am going to be the next CM.

Buddha-babu: Okay then Mamata and Pranab. So it is finalized that we will enjoy a total bandh on the said date and according to the discussion made above. Cheers to 3 of us!

Mamata-di (happily): Cheers!

Pranab-da (happily): Cheers!

RESULT: People of West Bengal enjoyed a bandh on 17th of July and had 3 days holidays at a stretch from Friday the 17th till Sunday the 19th of July, 2009.

NOTE: This is an untrue incident and not written to harm the sentiments of people. It is just to create a humour out of the present political scenario of Bengal. If anyone wants it to be removed, you can mail me to get it removed with a valid reason at

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