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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I wish my name was Kaushik or Debasish or Amitava or Shantanu

I hope most of you know that I am a Software Engineer by profession. The current recession worries me. I believe on the best can survive in such a situation and even the mediocre will be a target of this recession ghost. 

I have always been the best in whatever I did. Be it studies, competitions, blogging, photography or even jharifying / pataofying girls / women, I have always been the Best. But I think I am still not the best when it comes to professional life. I see many around me who are remarkable in the skills when it comes to Software Development. I have acquired many skills in these 3 years of my working but still I believe I need to be the Best to survive this fierce completion and recession. 

So after a lot of thinking, I have come to the conclusion that it is my name which plays the x-factor. I strongly believe that Vaijayanta is the best name a guy like me can have as the name starts with V and by numerology it lies on the Number 1. Still the name Vaijayanta does not suit the guys who are into software development. 

I have noticed that people who are good in software development share some common names. These names include names like Kaushik, Debasish, Amitava, Shantanu and so on. I know many people who share these names and are the Best in Software Industry. So I wish my name was Kaushik or Debasish or Amitava or Shantanu and so on. These are the most Popular Names of Software Industry today. They are the Future. They are the Best

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