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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mamata v/s Buddha or Mamata v/s Tata ?

Mamata Banerjee (our Didi) has again started her drama demanding the 400 acres from the Singur Tata Plant. Buddhadev Bhattacharya (Buddha babu or Chief Minister) has shown reasons why the 400 acres cannot be returned back to the famers as apart from 600 acres in Singur the 400 acres are needed for ancillary units. Otherwise the Tata has threatened that they might pull off the factory venture from Singur and re-establish it in some other state of India.

People of West Bengal who support industrialization are worried whether Tata is really planning to go to another state. That might show a wrong precedence among the future investors in West Bengal and the image of Bengal among the World Business Forum will be ruined. People who do not support industrialization are supporting Mamata in her dharna at Singur where they are merrily participating in the drama that is going on in front of the Singur Plant disrupting the normal work process of the Singur Plant.

So on the backdrop of this, some techies have developed a forum to support the Industrialization Drive by our State Government. Anyone who supports industrialization can visit this forum and add their name and the reason why they support industrialization.

The link is: -

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iam_joyb said...

My Dear Vaijayanta,
A good effort from your side to be vocal in yours perspective.But I will request you guys to be honest and true to the fact.You think-Mamata et.all are making drama, but not all people are thinking in your's way ! please stop maligning any body from your personal point of view.You should admit- the last 30 years of dark era is the contribution of this Buddha babus.correct me , if i am wrong. And, it's always very easy to use internet to say anything, comes in your mind.The poor farmers don't have that privilege.No "Telegraph" is there to print their agony.Who will speak for Tapasi?Who will cry for Nandigram Heros if we , techies, try to dominate the poor.any way, please think.And one last proposal/case study- suppose one day, Bill Gates came to Kolkata and talked with Buddhadeb, showing his interest to open one development centre for Microsoft-and eventually Mr.Gates urges the Saltlake sector1,2&3 lands for his venture.Should Govt demolish the all houses and evacuate the sector1,2,3 with blower?if your answer is "No".Then my question is: why it's "Yes" for Singur farmlands?plz answer.
Joydeep Bhattacharya

Vaijayanta Chattoraj said...

Dear Joydeep,

I am really happy that you commented on my post. I was also a supporter of Mamata-didi like you some years back but when I saw her drama-baji everywhere, especially when she took her violent supporters and ransacked the Assembly house of Bengal, also when she left the central ministry and in her tenure as a minister in BJP government she did not do much for the betterment of Bengal and due to many such other reasons, I have stopped supporting her as you are still doing. I hope you will also understand her way of politics.

She does this for her vote bank and not anyone else. Had she done for the farmers she would have protested the move right from the time she made that dramatic fast for 25 days, till now. She has again started violent protest when the factory is 80% complete. Had she done anything for common people, then she would have done that silently instead of shouting and making drama of the whole situation. She could have protested in a much better way.

I am not maligning anyone in my personal point of view. I am writing what is the truth. Any sensible man would think the way I have thought. This is a democracy and I have the full right to protest against wrong just the way Mamata-didi is doing.

I admit the last 30 years Jyoti-babaus had done wrong to the state. At that time I protested their move. But since 2000 they have been loud enough to bring industry to Bengal as you see the development in the IT Sector. Since then I support their move. But at that time I supported their development for the farmers, which they are still doing. At that time the darkness the Jyoti-babus had spread in Bengal regarding industry, Mamata-di is making Bengal proceed towards the same darkness for the next 20-30years. She is committing the same crime. What the opposition should do is that they should unite with the team in power for the development of Bengal.

I hope you do not have any idea about the development job of the Tatas, otherwise you could not have said so. I have been to Pune and Jamshedpur many times and I have seen what the people have done for the people there. I hope you don’t want the people of Bengal to become rich and developed.

We techies in no way try to dominate the poor. We have created so many portals through which the farmers could directly contact with the government and sell their items at higher cost that what they used to do in the presence of middlemen and landlords. In future we are going to help to more in their farming and agriculture. Mark my word.

A state can grow both in agriculture and industry, just like the way Gujarat and Tamil Nadu has done in the recent past.

Bill Gates is not Tata and Bill Gates in not an Indian. Tata has done a lot for the development of India (I hope you have an idea about that). If a body like the Tatas would have come to Buddha-babu with a grand project in West Bengal, I am sure people would love to accept it, wherever it may be. First you should get an idea of the number of people living in Singur and the number of the people living in Salt Lake, then you can ask such a baseless question.

I am sure you have been really influenced by the always-changing ideologies of Mamata-didi, so it’s high time you should get your facts and figures clear about Mamata-didi and her intentions of benefiting her party and using the common people for the interest of her party.

Mamata-di had got many chances for developing Bengal but she did not ever do that so she should keep quite about her false statements.

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