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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

DOGLABAAJ - a new word in the dictionary

It was on the eve of Saraswati Puja, Gaurav and I were roaming around in Sashi Bhushan Dey Street paying homages to the live protimas. Gaurav is my childhood friend from school days. Some of you might know him. He is a very good guy with lots of sense of humour. He can make you laugh all the time with even the most serious issues.

Coming back to Saraswati Puja Eve, as we were roaming there, suddenly an aunty named Patra-kakima from our locality, who loves animals, treats them and takes care of the street dogs, suddenly emerged from somewhere and saw Gaurav caressing one of such street dogs. She likes people who loves dogs and also other animals.

When she saw Gaurav caressing the dog, she at once ran towards Gaurav and asked him, "Tumi ki Dog-Lover?" means "Are you a Dog-Lover?". I was a bit far away from them and mis-heard or rather over heard the word DOGLOVER as DOGLABAAJ. This is how, a new word evolved from no where. The word is DOGLABAAJ.

Later Gaurav and I had a good laugh at it. Nowadays, when I see Gaurav caressing dogs, I call him DOGLABAAJ. He merrily accepts my nomenclature to him and smiles away.

So from now on, I am going to call all DOG-LOVERS as DOGLABAAJ.

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