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Monday, January 15, 2007

Chalo bye.....

Just like Ki Cholche? that I had mentioned in my previous post, Chalo bye..... is another way of saying Good Bye by the youngsters of today (whether in phone or in person) which I dislike the most.

Whenever I meet a friend, I pray to God, that the guy does not bid me good bye by those two foolish words borrowed from the Hindi and English Dictionary and punched together. The Chalo bye..... type of speaking is more prevalent with the college goers and with the so called Call Centre Executives. (I know not, why these people are called Executives just for answering calls? Real Executives have to do a lot more other things than just answering calls.)

Coming to Chalo bye..... , I have some kind of a typical feeling when people say those two words. They are: -

1) I would still leave you and go somewhere else even if you did not tell me Chalo bye..... . So you better not tell me to go like that.

2) Chalo? Where shall I go? Are you a fortuneteller and know that I will be going somewhere soon?

3) Its my wish whether I will go or not. Who are you to tell me Chalo? Just say Good bye. Haven't you learnt manners from the Imperial Rule of the British or a single bit from your teacher in primary school.

4) If you are a Bengali / Bong and still say those forbidden words, I would rather thrash you and teach you a lesson of your life so that you do not commit the same mistake twice in your life before me.

Remember, "Chalo bye....." is forbidden in Vaijayanta's Dictionary. So better be safe than sorry.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ki cholche?

It seems that a portion of Bengalis who are living outside the Bengal tend to forget their mother tongue even at the most simplest of phrases.

It was on the other day my-friend-Sirshendu's friend Rahine, who is living in Mumbai for almost the last two years, greeted me in Google talk saying "Ki cholche?". Not only this. My school friend Abhishek Das, living outside Bengal for some time now, did the same. Even he told me "Hi, ki cholche?".

I was really surprised by this wrong way of constructing phrases by Bengalis themselves. So how can we expect other people who live in Bengal, apart from Bengalis, to speak correct Bangla.
I immediately found out the root of the problem. In Hindi people generally greet each other by saying "Kya chal rha hai, bhai?" and "Ki cholche, bhai?" is a direct translation of the Hindi phrase. I was amazed that nowadays, even Bengalis are thinking in Hindi. I don't know in which direction Bangla is heading towards? I have nothing against these two guys, but I strongly condemn their ignorance regarding their mother tongue.

When I explained this aspect to both of them, Rahine took it sportingly and gave a reason that he is a half Bengali and Abhishek tried to shut me up my mouth by saying I was speaking too much "bakwaas" that day, just like an old school friend. (in modern Bangla, "Bhaat bokchish")

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