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Friday, July 06, 2012

How to tackle criminal activities in Salt Lake City Kolkata?

To solve the criminal activities in Salt Lake City Kolkata there are very few simple steps the government can take. They are: -

Figure 1 (Block AA of Salt Lake City)

1) Salt Lake City is divided into several blocks namely AA, AB, AC, AD blocks and so on.
2) Each block is separated by another another block with a main road. (as shown in the figure 1 above)
3) There are few entrances for entering every block. (as shown in the figure 1 above)
4) Cover all the blocks with boundaries (as shown in maroon colour in the figure 1 above)
5) In every entrances install big iron gates to stop influx of anti-socials during night. (as shown in green colour circles in the figure 1 above. Here there are 3 gates in AA Block of Salt Lake)
6) Close these gates from 11pm at night to 7am in the morning.
7) Add at least 2 security personnel in each gate with walkie-talkie devices that has contacts with the other gates of the same block and with other blocks as well as local police station and Lalbazar Police Station. The security personnel will be registering name / address / phone no / ID proof of anyone entering or exiting the gates.
8) Keep at least 4 security personnel who would be roaming inside the block in their cycles (provided to them) every half an hour.
9) In the main roads between two blocks security personnel with bikes and walkie-takie devices should be kept to keep a watch of antisocial activities.
10) Salt Lake city consists of people from high income group to middle income group and if they pay 100 rupees per house for security then there would be enough money to hire security personnel with 10,000 rupees per head.

If these measures are taken proactively then the day is not far when stealing of necklaces, precious items, mobiles from morning walkers and burglary of houses in Salt Lake would be a thing of past.

Note: These measures are taken in Magarpatta City, Pune where I currently live and the security system here is a model system for all the complexes all over India to follow.

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